title: When I go to work
description: Personal project of Krassimir Stavrev of Studio PUNKT.
format: Website
year: 2012
completed in: 2 days
link: http://whenigotowork.com/



This website is based on a highly modified WordPress installation that has special portfolio posts in addition to normal blog posts. An automated process helps daily upload of portfolio posts and processing of images. The thumbnails on the homepage are loaded dynamically to reduce network bandwidth. There are minor JavaScript enhancements all around the website, which degrade gracefully on browsers without JavaScript support or that have JavaScript disabled. There is a custom caching engine developed that significantly reduces server load when fetching and parsing the hundreds of portfolio items on the homepage and the sidebar.


Technical details

work done: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
compatible in: All major browsers, IE5+, mobile
other: JavaScript effects, Dynamic image loader, Full compatibility of browsers without JavaScript, caching



design and photography: Krassimir Stavrev @ Studio PUNKT
programming: Alexander Ivanov

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