title: Night of Museums and Galleries
description: 8th night of museums and galleries in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
format: Website
year: 2012
completed in: 5 days



The website is a desktop, mobile and tablet version in one – depending on the screen size, tailored to perfectly fit every viewer’s screen. The website version dynamically adjusts when the browser is resized. Each version serves its own dynamically generated images to reduce bandwidth and speed up page load times, while delivering maximum image quality.

The website was specially designed to be used on the day of the event and features an interactive Google map for each location which can be used in combination with smartphones’ GPS.

Because of the huge amount of visitors expected in a few hours time-frame during the event, every feature of the website is made with caching, progressive loading and bandwidth minimization in mind. The whole website scales without a problem and can handle tens of thousands of visitors per hour – before and during the event it held for over 12 hours without any hitches.

The website consists of a homepage with random location highlights, location pages with associated categories and events, generic pages and category and map pages which can be filtered by different criteria. An infinite number of pages can be created and linked to and all the content can be edited via a custom built CMS that enables editing of every aspect of the pages, including the design and features an intuitive drag and drop interface to speed up page generation. The website is multilingual and can be translated in as many languages as desired. The web pages are cached for better performance and lower server load. All JavaScript enhancement degrade gracefully on browsers without JavaScript support or that have JavaScript disabled.


Technical details

work done: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
compatible in: All major browsers, mobile
other: JavaScript effects, dynamic layout, Google Maps API, GD image processing, multilingual, caching, compatibility with browsers without JavaScript



Photography and Design: Studio PUNKT
Programming: Alexander Ivanov

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