title: Knick’n’Knacks
description: Online store for handmade jewelry and accessories.
format: Website
year: 2012
completed in: 3 weeks



This website consists of a very light built from scratch web-store with categories and products with image galleries, full-featured cart and favorite system, user profiles, contact form, and regular pages that can be created through the custom built CMS. Most of the operations on the website are executed via AJAX queries to speed up user experience, with a standard page navigation fallback option for users without JavaScript enabled. There are various JavaScript effects found around the website such as the logo changing colors, button aids and automatic Euro to USD currency converter. Integrated with PayPal’s express checkout and with Google+ and Facebook for simplified user log-in/sign-up. Product images are automatically prepared and resized in various sizes to reduce network bandwidth, also generated content is cached to increase server response time and reduce load. The site is multilingual capable and is optimized for better search engine indexing, in addition rich snippets are used for describing product information.

Work on the graphical identity, including logo, web-design, packaging, stamps, typography and more. The graphical design is entirely hand-drawn to achieve a cartoon-like effect that fits well with the product style of the website. The user interface uses easily recognizable graphic symbols to help non-English speakers navigate and use the website. A custom hand-drawn lowercase-alpha font was created, prepared and adapted for online use.


Technical details

work done: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Design, Identity, Typography
compatible in: All major browsers, mobile
other: automated email, JavaScript effects, DOM manipulation, GD image processing, multilingual capable, rich snippets, SEO, caching



photography: Maria Borissova and Viktoria Beshparova
typography: Alexander Ivanov and Maria Borissova
design and programming: Alexander Ivanov

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