title: KCM 2000 Group
description: Corporate website of the biggest industrial groups in Bulgaria.
format: Website
year: 2010
completed in: 8 months
link: http://kcm2000.bg



The website is developed on top of a specialized, highly-flexible custom built CMS with capabilities of creating and editing of pages, sections, arbitrary levels of categories, links, files, forms, interactive banners and more. The site is multilingual and allows for creating sub-sites for its child companies with the above mentioned capabilities. Accessibility was addressed with a text size switcher, an automatically generated print-friendly version, an automatically generated sitemap and a search engine with smart results. The site also features a news section with video updates and dynamic image galleries. A heavy, unobtrusive search engine optimization was done to ensure optimal page ranking, without sacrificing user experience.


Technical details

work done: PHP, MySQL, Apache, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
compatible in: All major browsers, IE5+, mobile
other: very advanced CMS, automated email, JavaScript effects, automatic sitemap, text size, print-friendly version, multilingual, search, SEO



design and photography: Studio PUNKT
programming: Alexander Ivanov

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