title: Ivo Ivanov | Photography
description: Portfolio of Bulgarian based photographer Ivo Ivanov.
format: Website
year: 2010
completed in: 2 weeks
link: http://iilight.com



The website consists of a homepage, contact page with a contact form, portfolio page with two levels of categories, links and about pages. The works on the portfolio page can be added into arbitrary number of categories in two levels which can be enabled or disabled at any time. The gallery page consists of a navigation, image and description sections. The images are displayed on a custom built JavaScript slider which loads them dynamically to save network bandwidth. The background color is animated every 10 seconds gradually changing into a random color generated using an algorithm for pleasant color combinations. There are JavaScript image faders throughout the whole site.  The website is multilingual and all of its content can be added and edited through a custom built CMS.


Technical details

work done: PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
compatible in: All major browsers, IE6+, mobile
other: multilingual, JavaScript effects



design: Boris Mihov
programming: Alexander Ivanov

All content © Copyright 2018 by Alexander Ivanov.