About me

Hello there! My name is Alexander Ivanov and I am a freelance web developer from Bulgaria. I create small to large scale websites and web applications for local and international clients. I am currently studying Informational Brokerage at UNIBIT University in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Professional background

I have been programming for all of my life since I was a kid and did my first paid website around the year 2002. I have a strong background in C++ and I am well versed in several programming languages. Over the years I have been using system scripting languages (cmd, shell), web languages ((X)HTML/XML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, CSS), MySQL databases, DarkBASIC game programming language, compiled languages (BASIC, C/C++/C#) and other smaller languages. I am also experienced in server configuration management, networking, Linux systems and I am a contributor to the open source community.

I had my first job in a company as a programmer when I was at the age of 17 in one of the biggest Bulgarian web development and internet technology companies – Wisdom, where I gained lots of professional experience, strengthened my discipline and got to work on very large scale websites and applications. Since then I am working as a freelancer partnering with different graphical design studios and individuals – Studio PUNKT, EDGE-Project and Boris Mihov, just to name a few. I am currently working at DesignConnected on various in-house projects and web applications.



I always had a purist approach and looked down at the idea of using frameworks, content management systems, third-party libraries or any code written by someone else. I built everything from scratch, perfected it and reused it with pride. Even when the projects I was working on became so big that I had to use a framework and a CMS, I built my own and use them to date. However though, I am proficient in jQuery and WordPress and I occasionally use them when I need something done quick.

I also have a goal of making 10,000 websites in my life!



However, I don’t code professionally only. I can still enjoy and have fun tinkering with an idea or a problem all night long – I will be posting about this side of coding on my blog section. Among my non-tech hobbies are playing musical instruments, drawing and sports.

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